I love working with startups and enterprise companies. I like to work with talented and motivated people. Therefore, i gathered experience in creating, maintaining and developing software in projects of different size. That is not only true for the codebase, but also for the business aspects of a growing company.

I am deeply involved in everything regarding web-technology. I love to test new things and play with innovative and new tools. Usually, i use open source software where possible. I also do open source eligible parts of the software i create.

Please find below an excerpt of projects i worked on or (co-)founded as a company. If you want to know more about me, as a developer see my GitHub or sourcerer Profiles. Also see a list of my open-source projects.

Linkin Park Recharge

First 3D Socialgame on Facebook, exclusively for Linkin Park

LP Recharge, also known as Linkin Park Recharge, is a free-to-play action-puzzle game. The game is focused on solving puzzles while attempting to raise awareness about parts of the world that don't have reliable power. It is part of the project Power the World and Music For Relief, both charity organizations created by Linkin Park and was a project guarded by the United Nations (UN).

As a CTO i was responsible for the backend development, including infrastructure automation. In a bit over 2 years the game grew a lot in features and infrastructure needs as Linkin Park was the largest music brand on Facebook. Eventually the game has been released as a cross-platform game.

For the first time in music history a new single has been released because players reached a certain score in a Multiplayer Online Game. The Microsoft XBox Music Store published the new Single, as soon as the players reached a specific global energy score and it could be bought and streamed online, immediately.

More Information and Links on the game can be found here.

LP Recharge Go Live Event Video

Linkin Park Recharge Cover
Teaser to play the game to unlock the new Song of Linkin Park "A Light That Never Comes"

ShopYeti Header


German Deal Aggregator incorporating Gamification

After Groupon hit the market and copycats popped up, the daily deal market has been founded. It was fun to see new offers each day, but it was a tedious task to collect them from all over the internet. It was time to build a platform that integrates them all: A deal-aggregator. Also, shopping at those platforms is not really enjoyable, but we wanted to make it fun. So we gave birth to Jay, our Yeti who would guide you through all deals. All deals were moderated, categorized and could be filtered by personal settings. We used gamification elements, such as collecting virtual points, leaderboards, achievements and lotteries to make ShopYeti much more fun to use. (offline)


international social network for fashion enthusiasts
first user-generated fashion magazine (print) in the world

Ilikemystyle is a platform where everyone could upload a picture of their styling and mark certain items on their appearance. Other people could vote for looks, write messages and create blogs.

The first user-generated fashion magazine has been published and printed on a quarterly base and was distributed all over the world. Also some popup-stores has been created, due to the social fashion movement. (discontinued)

Ilikemystyle Frontpage

CloudContent Logo


Database-as-a-service platform

CloudContent is a database-as-a-service webapplication api to store any amount of data. It incorporates a powerful permission system. CloudContent enriches content via various vectors, such as geo-tagging, automatic meta-filtering and fast and potent search methods.

It has been created as one of the first projects involving a no-SQL database at that time (around 2007 and powered at least 5 internal and client projects without any problems. It has been built with a focus on scalabality and performance. (offline)

CloudCrawler Logo


Meta Web crawler to extract generic information from websites and apis

This service started as a platform to crawl, digest, filter and normalize a set of press-release sources from around the globe. It has been developed as a generic solution to enhance and enrich crawled sources with a normalized and profound database to automatically detect and enrich found data items with public data-sets, such as locations, companies, famous people, musicians and others. (offline)


Learning to code with CakePHP, german knowledge base & magazine

After i started to use CakePHP i realized good documentation was missing. Even more so for documentation in german and i started to change that. I opened up a channel in IRC, started to write articles both in english and german to help propagate the use of CakePHP and improve quality for developers already using it.

I collaborated with other developers and authors to create a website completely devoted to CakePHP and web application developers using it. I partnered with Fahad Ibnay Heylaal, creater of Croogo, the first CMS written in CakePHP. (offline)

Frontpage of


Setting Standards for WebDevelopers, german e-learning platform.

Since 2002 i was writing a lot of various online-articles about how to do web-development. I created a predecessor to an e-learning platform called WebSamurai in which i tought the art of web-application development. It covered a wide range of topics, including programming itself, deployment and maintenance, project management, time- and budget-management, team-collaboration and creativity to make every project a unique thing to exist. After all, each and every project need to attract a human being and therefore needs a character on its own.

Just a couple of years later i had to abandon the project due to time-limitations, as i was working full-time bootstrapping my company GmbH and became a father and foccused on my 2 little kids. (offline)

MyMeter / MeinZähler

Power Consumption Community, including power-meter analytics

On this platform you could enter your personal power-meter count, every now and so often. With additional parameters about your household you could not only see your own consumption but also compare to similar house-holds. A large database of knowlege helped you in improving and lowering your power-consumption.

The main idea was to have a country-wide collection of power-metrics and allow even energy-providers to retain their power-meter levels from this platform. (offline)


German donation platform with micropayment solution

On this platform companies would advertise donated products or services, that people could bid for in an reverse auction, meaning: the lowest single-bid offer won the price. The amount of money was almost completely donated to charitys.

Companies could use this platform to donate products for a good cause, making them available for a much lower price and could expand their brand presence without leveraging their marketing budget (due to the donation background). (offline)

Spenderkuss mascot