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Dirk Brünsicke

Dirk Brünsicke

human, software developer, father of three, web citizen since 1996. Working with technology for 2 decades - always strives to improve.


Curious for almost anything and everything. Even more so, if it involves science, technology or is for a common good. Highly sceptic about established rules that are derived from power or tradition instead of reason.

open source developer

Open source contributor since he first stepped into the global network. With a passion for everything related to knowledge transfer and open data.

senior analyst

does research and monitors technological trends within the industry, opting for the most relevant and sustainable technologies ever since.

software trainer

worked as a software developer for over a decade, focussed on web technologies. Eventually become a trainer to educate others.

startup tutor

eventually become startup tutor for several reasons. Primarily for working with motivated and talented people. Also for being able to deliver high-grade software with strong constraints in time and budget.

business consultant

taking everything learned from startups into enterprise companies. Consulting teams and development departments to make use of latest technology, methods and patterns.

software architect

building high-performance and scalable web applications using multi-tier technology with a small footprint, nonetheless. Combines all his experience in a minimalistic, yet powerful way to achieve high quality products that are maintainable, flexible and can be easily re-aligned to new business requirements.

agile prototyper

uses easy-to-use technology to allow for fast and easy iterating over ideas and concepts to see, what works and what not. Sticks with the best and improves from that on.


approaching problems from the base, disassembling every part that is involved in a certain topic. Then, get rid of everything that is not absolutely necessary to stay with only essentials and arrange them in the way, that just fits together.

happy thinker

as long, as this is possible: tries to be happy about things, while improving all the bad parts of something.

human being

with all there is to it: sometimes emotional, sometimes logical.  Questioning the status quo and see where it leads to.