Open Source projects

As a software developer i work on various projects. I like working with open source software and try to contribute as much as possible. Besides engaging actively with open source projects i use, i also share libraries i created under an open source license. Have a look at my profile on GitHub or sourcerer.

I started very early to develop my own php framework, which aided in application development. I called it "TheWebCore".

I involved with various open source projects and also became a member of the Open Source Business Alliance. I started to evangelize the use of open source in general and made use of open source within business.


high-performance opinionated MVC Framework

After Larry Masters, founder of CakePHP decided to stick within its own boundaries, most core-developers aimed to be more open-minded: they eventually split apart. A new framework was born, called lithium. It was one of the first of its kind and completely utilized all new features of PHP 5.3+. It was small, fast but very powerful. Yet, it is one of the fastest available frameworks that also introduced AOP (aspect-oriented-programming).

I went live with various projects with lithium while it was still a 0.3 release. It never failed to amaze me with speed, flexibility and stability. What else could i wish for? It was even elegant in code and set a new standard for PHP developers.

Later, i refined and adapted the object-database layer mongodb into the framework.


opinionated Content-Management System and Application Framework

I created a whole set of libraries to be used with lithium. Since lithium itself is more like a meta-framework, i could built stuff on top of it that never has been possible with CakePHP. I created a new foundation, that is between being a framework and a CMS. I called it radium, to go along with the lithium theme. It allows very fast development of high-end applications that scale, are easy to use and can integrate everything a web-developer wants nowadays.

It is still in use in a variety of high-traffic production deployments, today.

lithium application framework. Contribute to bruensicke/radium development by creating an account on GitHub.

GitHub Repository for radium


High-Performance and feature-rich redis-library for use with lithium

For high-traffic game LP Recharge (see projects) i needed a tight and deep integration for lithium to the in-memory key/value storage engine redis. I created an abstraction layer that simplified the use of leaderboards, custom data structures and the calculation and applying of millions of players scores in real-time.

The foundation-layer for this has been published as a stand-alone library for lithium and has been used for a variety of projects, other then games as well.

redis made ready for lithium. Contribute to bruensicke/li3_redis development by creating an account on GitHub.

GitHub Repository for li3_redis

Other lithium libraries

For the use of lithium and radium i started to create and fork a lot of different libraries in order to keep the quality and brevity up to my standards. Among others the most important ones are:

Security Audits on database changes for all lithium & radium models, including versioning of datasets and audit-trails for critical user- and permission objects.
Security li3 plugin to inspect and analyze incoming http requests via Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and handle a graceful denial-of-service in case of mistrust.
li3_mustache & li3_markdown
li3 library for parsing common and popular template languages such as markdown and mustache. All templates could be used natively within PHP or client-side via js-templates and allowed an easy in-place frontend-rendering.
li3 library to enrich and prepare mails via templates, layouts and send them through a variety of mail-sender providers.
Convenient li3 library for the Facebook API, including a sophisticated payment integration.
li3 library to use low-level UDP socket connections to feed massive amounts of logging data into a centralized logging-server, based on GrayLog Extended Log Format (GELF).
li3 library to use low-level UDP socket connections to allow for capturing vast amounts of application usage metrics and feed them into a statsD compatible backends.


popular MVC Framework, documentation and development resources

Before i worked with lithium, i started with the now popular open source framework CakePHP. It enabled me to create projects faster and in a more elegant way. My clients benefitted from fast prototyping. We improved while we learned, what was needed.

I was involved in the development and documentation efforts around CakePHP. I attended conferences, held talks and put a lot of time into creating a collection of plugins and content-management systems to make building applications even faster. I also built up on the famous bakery, which is still the biggest resource for CakePHP developers.